The finest advise to master card counting in online blackjack

The finest advise to master card counting in online blackjack

Also commonly known as twenty-one, blackjack is a casino banking game. The game is a comparing card game. In this game, the player competes against the dealer. One or more decks of 52 cards are used in this game. The main objective of the online gambling game is to beat the dealer in any one of the following ways. These are the finest advise to master card counting in online blackjack.

  • On the first two cards of the player, get 21 points without the dealer blackjack in malaysia live casino.
  • Without exceeding 21, reach a higher score than the dealer.
  • Until the dealer’s score exceeds 21, let him draw more cards.

The finest advise to master card counting in online blackjack

The finest advise to master card counting in online blackjack
The finest advise to master card counting in online blackjack


It is a strategy used mainly in blackjack. It determines if the next card will give the dealer or the player any advantage. Card readers are the players who keep the house edge of the casino websites low by keeping a check on the cards seen by the players. Due to card counting, the loss of the player minimises and it can also play with a lower rate of risk. On the basis of the composition of remaining cards, the player could decide whether to continue the game or quit it.


You could win really big from blackjack if you know the art of card counting. You could turn the game odds in your favor through card counting. Card counting is a simple although a powerful method to turn the whole game in your favor.


Step one: Learning the basic blackjack strategies

First of all, you need to learn the basic blackjack strategy in order to learn card counting. Do not try to move any step further before learning the basic blackjack strategy by heart.

Step two: High-Low card counting system

Learn the high-low card counting system. This is the most basic method in card counting and without this, you can not expertise the card counting strategy.

 Step three: Converting into true count

Convert the count of the card into a true count. You could simply do this by dividing the used decks of cards by unused decks of cards.

Step four: Adjusting the bets in your favour

Look if the game is going in your favour, play the bet in positive. If it is not in your favour, then play in negative.

Just like any other game, blackjack also requires a lot of different tricks and tips in order to expertise it. The main trick is to have an idea of when to hit, stand, surrender, take insurance, split or double down. Following are these terms defined for you.

  • Hit: if the player takes more cards in order to get closer to 21. However, the player’s sum has exceeded 21 and meanwhile the dealer hits, the player will lose the game.
  • Stand: The player does not take any more cards so as not to exceed 21.
  • Double down: After taking one more card, the player increases his bet and stands. This also removes the house edge. Therefore, it is important to know when to double down.
  • Split: By simply placing a second bet, the player could split the two cards which have the similar values. However, the second bet should be equal to the first bet.
  • Insurance: The players are advised not to take the insurance since it benefits the casino only.
  • Surrender: The player could surrender early or late, in accordance with the casino rules. However, the early surrender benefits the player more than the late surrender.

Blackjack is an easy winning game. It could make you win a lot of profit if the basic strategy is known by heart. Above mentioned are some of the tips to master the card counting strategy in blackjack. Some tips to keep in mind while playing blackjack are also mentioned in the article.

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